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Wetsuits, Dry Suits, and Superior Diving Suits

Diving starts with the perfect wetsuit! Whatever your preferences for wetsuits or dry suits, Midwest Scuba Center has the gear you need! With a FREE consultation to discuss your suit needs, you can rest assured that you'll leave Midwest Scuba Center with a high-quality suit that will support years of diving activities!

The Differences Between Wet and Dry Suits

While there are many differences between wetsuits and dry suits related to buoyancy, the main difference is between diving "dry" in a dry suit as opposed to diving "wet" in a wetsuit. Need details? Ask the expert diving team at Midwest Scuba Center for a detailed comparison of these diving suits - we've served the area since the early 1970s!
Diving suits

A Comprehensive Selection of Quality Wetsuits

From wetsuits with full sleeves to extra-thick wetsuits for specific dive conditions, you'll find tons of top-tier diver wetsuits at Midwest Scuba Center! Plus, you suit may be backed by product WARRANTIES based on the wetsuit your purchase! Browse our selection of wet diving suits:
  • SolAfx
  • AquaFlex 3, 5, and 7mm jumpsuits
  • HydroFlex 3mm jumpsuits
  • HydroFlex 2mm shorty
  • HydroFlex 1mm jumpsuit
  • 7mm rental full suit
  • 5/3mm rental full suit
  • Loose-fit rash guards 
  • Athletic-fit rash guards

Explore Various Options for Your Dry 
Suit Purchase

Unlike wetsuits, dry suits allow you to remain mostly dry during your dive! However, since these suits have specialized air chambers, like a BCD, you'll need proper undergarments and possibly even some extra training to make use of your dry suit. Check out your options:
  • Fusion Bullet with AirCore
  • Fusion Fit with AirCore
  • Fusion Tech
  • Fusion Sport
  • Fusion One
  • Fusion Essence
  • Thermal Fusion Undergarment
  • MK2 Undergarment
Buy a dry suit from Midwest Scuba Center and get a FREE dry suit orientation course!
Visit Midwest Scuba Center today for a FREE consultation to discuss your needs for a 
wetsuit, dry suit, or any other 
diving equipment!

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