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Specialty Diver Courses

Explore an Array of Specialty Diving Courses

Want to ensure that you're ready to dive in nearly any condition you'll encounter? Looking to upgrade your diving skills and knowledge to make you a better, safer diver? Then specialty diving courses from Midwest Scuba Center are perfect for you! With a range of topics, you'll learn more about key aspects of diving. Plus, you can be certified in as little as 2 days (average course length is about 3 weeks)!

Diving Specialties from PADI and Project AWARE

Both PADI and Project Aware seek to inform divers on specialized topics that not only affect you when you dive but that also can affect divers everywhere. Such specialized classes include the AWARE courses on fish identification and coral reef conservation, as well as the Project AWARE Specialist certification.

A Broad Range of Available Specialty Courses

Explore all of the different courses that Midwest Scuba Center has to offer, from courses on your diving environment and challenges to additional diving safety certification and courses on performing assorted tasks underwater. Browse all of our specialty diving courses:
  • Altitude diver
  • Boat diver
  • Cavern diver
  • Deep diver
  • Digital underwater photography
  • Diver propulsion vehicles
  • Drift diver
  • Drysuit diver
  • Emergency oxygen provider
  • Enriched air diver
  • Equipment specialist
  • Ice diver
  • Multilevel diver
  • Night diver
  • Peak performance buoyancy
  • Public safety diver
  • Search and recovery diver
  • Sidemount diver
  • Underwater naturalist
  • Underwater navigator
  • Underwater videographer
  • Wreck diver
Our Specialties
Get distinctive specialty training from Project AWARE and PADI!

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