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Mask, Fins, Snorkels

Complete Your Dive Kit With a Mask, Snorkel, and Fins

Without a mask, fins, and a snorkel, diving would be a lot less fun! Whether you're simply looking for economical equipment to allow yourself access to diving in the shallows or on the surface, or you're looking for high-grade items to upgrade your diving kit, Midwest Scuba Center will have the equipment you need!

Popular Diving and Swimming Masks

Featuring Impression masks from Aqua Lung, Midwest Scuba Center has all the diving mask options you need, all in one place! DO NOT make the crucial purchase of a mask online, as a customized fit for your mask it vital to your safety and comfort during a dive.

Swimming and Diving Fins From The Top Brands

Get the best diving fins in the industry from Midwest Scuba Center! Our local scuba shop offers many of the most popular fins on the market, and we can procure ANY fins you may want from Aqua Lung! Tusa fins are also available; browse all of your fin options below!
  • Aqua Lung X Shot fins
  • Hot Shot adjustable spring fins (made for traveling!)
  • Stratos adjustable fins
  • Stratos full-foot-pocket fins
  • Boots for fins, specifically Aqua Lung models
  • Beachcomber shoes
  • Soft-sole boots in all sizes
  • Tennis shoe-style boots with hard soles (various sizes and thicknesses available)

The Best Snorkels in the Business

While a snorkel may seem like a simple enough piece of equipment, matching the right snorkel to your needs can be the difference between a disappointing and a successful dive! Check out Midwest Scuba Center's full range of available snorkels below:
  • Zephyr
  • Impulse 3
  • Impulse 2
  • Impulse Dry
  • SideDraft snorkels
  • Nautilus Travel Snorkel 
Authorized Dealer
We're an authorized dealer for Aqua Lung masks and products! Masks from Tusa are also available, along 
with a wide assortment 
of mask styles!
Visit Midwest Scuba Center today for a FREE consultation to discuss your needs for fins, masks, and snorkels for your swimming or diving plans!

1717 Philo Rd Ste 13
Urbana, IL 61802
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