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Professional Development

Go Pro and Become an Expert Diver!

Join the ranks of top-tier divers with "Go Pro" diver certifications from Midwest Scuba Center. Want to take your diving skills to the next level or teach the next generation of divers about proper safety and diving techniques? Then Dive Master, Assistant Instructor, and Open-Water Dive Instructor are the certifications you should seek! Midwest Scuba Center's 4th-generation owner has the know-how you need!

Becoming a Dive Master

If becoming an elite diver is for you, so is getting Dive Master Certification from Midwest Scuba Center! In order to apply for this course, you must have passed your EFR, CPR, and First Aid trainings in the last 24 months and have a medical statement signed by your physician in the last 12 months. 

Also, you must have logged at least 40 dives to start the course and you must have completed another 60 dives to earn your certification.
Diving lesson

Certifications for Assistant Dive Instructors 

To attend an assistant instructor course, you're required to have logged at least 60 dives and completed as many as 100 dives, in addition to having your CFR, CPR, and First Aid training from within the past 24 months. You'll also need a medical statement signed by your physician from the last 12 months for instructor training. 
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Dive Instructor for Open-Water Scenarios

Open Water Dive Instructors must have logged at least 60 dives and complete 100 total dives to attend an instructor training. As with the other classes, you'll need to have your EFR, CPR, and First Aid training from the past 24 months, as well as a signed medical statement from you physician from within the last 12 months.
At Your Own Pace
Midwest Scuba Center can work around your schedule 
to help you earn your 
diver certifications!
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