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One Place for Your Swimming and Dive Accessories

Whether you're a veteran diver or an amateur just getting into the details of diving, having the right accessories every time you hit the water is key to successful dives. Don't settle for second-tier equipment, choose Midwest Scuba Center to provide all the swimming and diving accessories you need!

Expand Your Diving Kit With the Proper Gear

Each dive is a different experience, so you need to ensure that you're packing the right gear for a safe, successful dive! Need replacement leg straps for your dive knife, or new riding slats for easier access to the water? Midwest Scuba Center has them all!
Diving bags

A full range of diving accessories and equipment

Need even more dive equipment? Turn to Midwest Scuba Center! From masks and snorkels to dive computers and regulators, you'll find everything you need to maintain your equipment, or upgrade to new gear! Browse our accessories below:
  • Dive lights
  • Dive bags
  • Knives
  • Neoprene leg straps
  • Riding slats
Warranties Available
Midwest Scuba Center offers warranties based on the products you buy, thanks 
to our status as an 
Aqua Lung dealer!
Visit Midwest Scuba Center today for a FREE consultation to discuss our swimming and diving accessories!

1717 Philo Rd Ste 13
Urbana, IL 61802
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